Finances are hard, debt is scary, and lots of people avoid thinking about this stuff until absolutely necessary. It can be overwhelming, I get it. I’ve been there. I’m from a low-income immigrant family whose only financial mantra was: “debt is really bad.” This is to say that I knew very little about managing money.

I was on my way to completing my university degree with $30,000 in tuition debt which weighed me down and stressed me out. Clueless with how to handle the debt and my finances in general, I began researching the subject. I consumed every resource I could find and practiced growing money with my meagre student savings. I realized pretty quickly that personal finance is not nearly as scary as I imagined.

I continued practicing until I graduated at which point I was itching to put my experience to greater use. I worked for half a year and was unemployed the other half. Nevertheless, a year and a number of calculated risks later, I could pay off my debt twice over with how much my net worth had grown. But I didn’t, and with good reason.

I’ll be writing a series of posts to shed some light on personal finance in Canada. I hope to inspire others to be more courageous and deliberate when it comes to managing their money. I’m no expert but I have a modest history of personal finance success and I am ever curious in the art of money management.