I’ve rebuilt my website multiple times. Each iteration justified with a reason.

  • Version one showcased my ability to code independently of frameworks.
  • Version two showcased my ability to leverage frameworks to accelerate development.
  • Version three was a Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) for fast performance.
  • Version four, the newest, I built to for my convenience.

The problem with the earlier versions is that I dreaded writing due to the overhead involved in publishing. The act of creating a new blogpost.html and updating the index.html then uploading it all through FTP was painful.

My website is now powered by GitHub Pages and Jekyll. The choice to use these tools was to receive maximum automation for minimal effort. They empower me to focus on writing and required little setup. I can write a markdown formatted blog post, push it to GitHub, then call it a day.

It took a while to learn this lesson, but I now understand how detrimental a tiny amount of overhead can be to one’s productivity.