I find myself sitting in a coffee shop, agonizing over an interview I have scheduled for tomorrow. I forgot my gym access card and tipped $0.01 via card to a local restaurant. I’m struggling to function properly.

Why this interview? I’ve already passed two technical interviews with this company so what makes this one so special?

The first consisted of a brief phone call followed by a 30 minute coding challenge. The second was a face to face with three interviewers and another technical challenge. I received an invitation for the third stage of the interview where I would be further tested and get to meet the rest of the team.

Will I be facing a firing squad of five or more people tomorrow? Will each cringe as I blunder my way through their professional specialties during the talk or assignment? Or will I utterly fail the challenge due to a mind lapse where I forget a trivially simple yet crucially important component. Better yet what if I fail so epicly they question the original interviewers as to how the hell I got past stage two.


There’s one more company with whom I’ve reached the final interview, however I believe the primary technical challenge is behind me.

First I chatted with a recruiter, then the CTO, then the CEO, then I had one week to complete a technical challenge. I worked on this thing every day, many of which were holidays since it was Christmas.

After I passed, I met with the CTO. We chatted over coffee, then he informed me of the remaining steps. I would have to win over the rest of the team which would involve further technical shenanigans. If they approve, I will be put on a two week probation period. At the end of the probation they will have a vote, and only if it is unanimous would I be hired.


Remember when I said “the primary technical challenge is behind me”? I lied. Ain’t nothing behind me but flowers and good times.

I’ve set the bar high and applied for amazing teams. The stakes increased with each passed interview. I finally realize quite how high they are, and how shitty it would be to fail now of all times.

Writing about this has given a brief moment of respite.